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This herbaceous and cheesy biscuit loaf is my tribute to the traditional start of the harvest calendar, Lammas Day or Lughnasa.

And it features the cornucopia of savoury and aromatic herbs growing right now in the heart of Victoria’s neighbourhood “common ground” gardens.

" Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather an adventure to skid in sideways grinning from ear to ear, screaming..."WHOO-HOOO, what a ride! Knoxville Singles Social is a meetup group designed to keep you busy enjoying all that life has to offer. Have you ever wanted to go to a bar, restaurant, concert, coffee shop, etc., but just didn't want to go alone?

No need to sit and let life pass you by when there are so many great activities, and amazing people in this world. As a member of this group, there is no need to go alone!!

Jeg var lenge spent på denne kajakken, etter å ha hørt både positive og negative sider ved den. Å finne kajakker som dekker ALLE behov i sittestilling er ikke alltid like enkelt.

I utgangspunktet ble slike drakter laget til bl.a folk som seiler eller bedriver annen vannsport med bekledning. Jeg har tidligere testet Arrow Play MV og LV som er helt fantastiske kajakker men med min bakgrunn fra grønlandskajakker var jeg på jakt etter en ”Grønlandskajakk” i plast som Read More …For the ladies out there, especially the young ones, they don't deserve to be treated like a hooker or piece of meat, or be put down by tosspots who think they're king it and a bit.It can be very degrading and it's not healthy. I've met guys on this site, who've turned out to be massive scammers.Gather information about you then sell your email address, photo's, yes they sell your pics to all sorts of companies. As it happens my now wife is a VERY senior federal government employee.You can forget about working for any arm of any government department and increasingly companies are using the info you give to the" free" dating sites to screen applicants.

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