A business model definition validating opportunities opened by

According to management expert Peter Drucker, a business model answers the following questions: Who is your customer, what does the customer value, and how do you deliver value at an appropriate cost?A business model is similar to a business plan in its makeup and content.This may be done as a free-standing exercise, either preceding architecture development, or as part of Phase A.In both of these cases, the business scenario technique (see Part III, 26.The question we frequently hear is, “How do I earn a living, pay the bills, and keep the lights on if I openly license my work and give it away for free?” This question is asked not just by entrepreneurs but by people in non-profits and government too.The Customer Development method was created by serial entrepreneur-turned-educator Steve Blank, father of the Lean Startup movement.According to Blank, startups are not simply smaller versions of larger, more developed companies.

It is one of the three parts that make up a Lean Startup (Business Model Design, Customer Development, Agile Engineering).

We want to show what sustainability models look like.

We’re planning to generate designs for how to move from closed to open.

We are pleased to announce, through gracious funding from the Hewlett Foundation, that we’re launching a Creative Commons open business models initiative aiming squarely at showing how our licenses can, and are, used by businesses, non-profits, and governments.

We aim to help businesses see how to use and contribute to the commons in a way that aligns with the norms and values of the commons, while at the same time operating as a business.

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