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Lifestyle consultants work independently, or own firms that offer services to improve their clients lives in areas such as relationships, style, organization, healthy eating and fitness.

A lifestyle consultant might take a client shopping for staple pieces for her fall wardrobe, or help a health-conscious client create weekly menu plans for her family.

In 2003 he worked with Jonathan Abrams at Friendster to seed the Friendster community through media relations, promoters and events.

He then joined Friend Finder to assist Dr Conru and Dr Zhang with media relations and business development. June 2004 marked the first post on Online Personals

[email protected] YORK 212-444-1636 LONDON 020-8133-1835 Please send news tips to [email protected]_________________ Online Personals Watch (est. to help start a community aerial photography company in Pennsylvania in 1991.

For example, if your target market represents upper-class, college-educated, married women, between the ages of 27 and 35, your services may range from helping them prepare and organize for a new baby, to helping them decorate their new homes.The complete details will be shared to the winning bidder.Please don't bid if you're a time waster.The Merriam Webster dictionary defines vocational as "undergoing training in a skill or trade to be pursued as a career".A vocational coach is an individual or counselor with a wealth of life experience who assists persons in need of a career change.

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