Dating a guy with a crazy ex girlfriend

"It's not coming from the greatest place," Mc Kenna agrees. And whether they belong together or should be together or if it's the right time or if they both need a break, they do really profoundly care about each other."And yes, Mc Kenna agrees that while Josh may have had pure intentions when he got back together with Rebecca, it was mostly motivated by his break up with Anna.

"He's not so strong and he was pretty surprised and shocked when he gets dumped, so it's natural for him to gravitate to the person who loves him unconditionally and is always there," Mc Kenna says.

That’s where “When Do I Get to Spent Time With Josh?

” really succeeds, because they found the perfect villain, and he’s the male Audra Levine.

“But right away, he says to her, ‘I’m not interested in you.'” Nathaniel’s more interested in cutting the dead weight at Whitefeather and immediately threatens layoffs, which puts Rebecca’s fellow employees on edge. Honestly, I was trying to be really selective this year about what I wanted to do.

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“He just so perfectly embodied the kind of crisp, cold, emotionless [guy], but with this sort of soulfulness and intelligence and slight brokenness…

Nathaniel, who makes his debut this Friday (The CW, 9/8c) in the second of two all-new episodes, enters Rebecca’s orbit when his dad’s prestigious L. law firm buys a stake in Whitefeather & Associates — which makes him Rebecca’s new boss.

TVLine went to the “He’s very Darwinian,” showrunner Aline Brosh Mc Kenna says of Nathaniel.

His hyper-efficient, no-nonsense approach to work means that he “clashes with Rebecca right away, who’s all about emotion and leaves work whenever she feels like it.

And he wants to run that place like a really tight ship.” But that doesn’t mean Rebecca’s not still interested in him, star Rachel Bloom adds: “He kind of treats her like garbage, which is what she’s attracted to.” That attraction doesn’t go both ways, though… “[Rebecca] thinks, ‘Oh, we must have some banter going, because I’m a cute girl and you’re a cute guy,'” Mc Kenna says.

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