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The British Darts Organisation (BDO) is a darts organisation founded on 7 January 1973 by Olly Croft, OBE.

The BDO is a founder member of the World Darts Federation which was formed in 1976.

DATE CHANGE, The Poppy appeal competition date has been changed as there are three other tournaments on that day and with fingers crossed we would like as many local players as possible to enter this very worthwhile event, all monies raised going to the Scottish Poppy Appeal.

Mitchell also with finishes of 86-116-124 with the 86 & 124 being on the bulls eye!

Good to meet up with some old darting friends Colin Nicol, Neil Dempsey and big John from Glasgow and Airdrie’s Simmey, good company to spend an afternoon with, and of course to my darting companion and chauffeur home who if she had only brought her darts could have played as well, Cracking club and made very welcome, five boards, good beer well priced and comfy seats!

Most whalers moved to the Pacific and Indian oceans. Merchants all over the East featured whale products in their advertisements and letterheads, even if they were nowhere near the sea. The top view of the deck plan shows the try works, a pair of big iron kettles where the whale blubber was boiled into oil.

Singles & Doubles Champions Updated 2nd July-June Forgive my ramblings, just a Wee History of a demented dart player! REASON is very simple with more ladies now playing darts in the local area, I believe it is now time they had their own page, for their Fast Games, Maximums, High Check Outs.

Changes afoot, after much deliberation and thought, It has been decided to delete the Ladies from the Fast Games-High Finishes-Maximum League tables!

Alex landed a superb 130 checkout in his semi-final.

In the final, Alex – who throws under the moniker ‘The Hunter’ – defeated Alan Byrne.

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