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The necklace above, Celebrating Spring, features a handmade ceramic pendant from Red Crow Arts (from Etsy).You have won the prize shown below, a bead or two from each of the Art Bead Scene editors!Beads shown: Polymer clay lentil shape from Humblebeads, goddess bead from Elaine Ray, message stick from Earthenwood Studio Beads shown: ceramic button from Creative Impressions in Clay, lampwork spiral bead from Cindy Gimbrone, and message stick link from Earthenwood Studio Stop back later this week, when we will be announcing the new monthly challenge for April! For those of you who have missed the latest chapter of what Matt Duss calls “the continuing attempt to redefine ‘blood libel’ as ‘saying things about Israel I don’t particularly like'”, here’s a brief: This week’s TIME Magazine cover story was a feature by Karl Vick, entitled “Why Israel doesn’t care about peace” was not very useful from the current Hasbara perspective.

You won the final Celebration prize, selected from all the entries this month in the Art Bead Scene Flickr pool!

So this is the last post for Sex in Teen Lit Month, and then we're done. Firstly, a big, huge, massive, ginourmous thank you to Luisa Plaja.

This lady has gone so far beyond helpful and supportive, I'd say this was partly her baby too.

Though there were sometimes nervous jitters as family members (and especially the young men) anticipated these sessions, in each case the time together was strategic, encouraging and rewarding.

Having consistently practiced this when they were dating, it was impossible for us and for our daughters to imagine them dating a young man without first openly addressing with him all the principles that follow.

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