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Perhaps this explains the physical resemblance between Tessa and Sheila?Meanwhile, the Monday episode will find Kevin watching Chloe at the doctor’s house and Scott accepting Victor’s (Eric Braeden) challenge.“I think it would be more socially responsible than just bringing on a gay character — to have someone on the canvas that the audience knows and thinks of as family and takes that (coming out) journey,” he said.The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Greg Rikaart takes to social media to explain his why it was time for him to leave as Kevin Fisher.Spoilers indicate that Sharon will be keeping an eye on Tessa, especially now that she’s convinced that the girl is just using Nikki and Noah (Robert Adamson).theorists, Sheila could return to Genoa for Scott (Daniel Hall), who she once tried to pass off as her own son.Spoilers also indicate that Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) will be a focus this week, with Sharon (Sharon Case) growing increasingly suspicious of the newcomer.Incredibly, the newbie is getting too close to the Newmans too quickly for Nikki’s liking.

I have such love and fondness for the cast and crew of Y&R that when I watch Kevin enjoying himself in scenes, it's hard to know where he ends and Greg begins.In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined what it would turn into: a career-defining experience that has brought me so much happiness and fulfillment," Rikaart shared in a post on Instagram at the time."Playing Kevin and watching him evolve over the years has mirrored my real life in so many ways.On his Instagram, Rikaart explains how much he has grown with the character of Kevin and how much their lives resembled each other, could this be one of the reasons he needs to separate himself from his acting career?Y&R’s Rikaart goes on to say he has great love for the cast and crew of the CBS daytime drama and is sad to be leaving.

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