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Our response is all about these simple, special connections.

This positioning differentiates from competitors who trade off features like the most intelligent algorithm, or just pure volume of users.

It followed the adventures of Guardian Bob, his friends Dot, Enzo, Phong, Andr AIa, and more attempting to stop the evil Megabyte.As a leading light of the commentariat in Asia, newsroom consultant and former alumnus of Yahoo, CNBC and Bloomberg, Alan Soon knows a thing or two about the media.Here is his roundup of developments inside the bubble this week Transformations Sentiment at the New York Times is apparently uneasy as the company pushes through a difficult re-org of its newsroom operations.New logo, custom typeface, imagery, copy and iconography — an entire brand toolkit designed to reflect the big idea.Extensive guidelines, including printed and digital example applications, brand strategy and user experience.

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