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I remember that the bridge for “Monarchy of Roses” just came out of Chad going nuts on the drums and us keeping up. But yeah, I grew up and was shaped musically by listening to them and to the people they listened to and who inspired them to get started.

Then Flea told me, “I think you should come up with an outro right now.” And the outro on you hear on the record is the first thing I came up with. It’s the old Ocean Way Studio where a lot of great records were made. Something that was a little strange for me was obviously that all these guys had a long working relationship with him, whereas I hadn’t.

Klinghoffer previously joined the Peppers as a second guitarist when the group embarked on their Stadium Arcadium tour in 2007, and he also features on Frusciante's own 2009 solo album The Empyrean.

Josh is also a great writer, and he wrote great stuff for this album.

So Josh brought something very different for us."For Klinghoffer, it seems that the transition from sideman to full-time band member has been enviably smooth thus far: "It hasn't gotten weird yet," says the 31-year-old.

John and I didn’t become friends until a couple of years later.

But I finally did, right before playing with the Chili Peppers. I told myself for this whole year and a half that I’ve been in the band that I should learn a song a day. As we’re getting the live thing going, I have to In the past, I’ve really concentrated on writing chord progressions songs and lyrics rather than my chops as a guitar player. Soloing is not something that comes naturally to me.

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