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Was there a process, in the making of this movie, to tone that down and make him more accessible, so that audiences do have empathy for him?

PETTYFER: The thing with Shana’s Endless Love is that we wanted to start the movie where David has made a conscious decision to change his life for the better.

Her character is a real outsider and doesn’t have many friends.

I just thought: Gaby is so beautiful, how will people not think she would be the most popular girl in school? I f***ing hated school, so leaving at 15 was the biggest thrill for me. I do my work and then I go back home and race cars and hang out with all my mates.

My favorite romantic comedies are Love, Actually and Bridget Jones. And it’s a very scary thing for anyone to act like a child and have those innate feelings that come to you.

And Shana [Feste] was great, guiding me with all of that. In the original film, David was a little more unstable, there was some volatility to him, and he was not this wonderful guy.

He has been seen as a model in several advertising campaigns for Burberry.Magic Mike hunk Alex Pettyfer is rumored to be baring all for a more mature audience of one these days.The 23-year-old actor has been romantically linked to 51-year-old Demi Moore, and sources say they are all over each other.ALEX PETTYFER: What I love about this movie is that it’s about two young people falling in love for the first time, and that naivete that they have, which was very inspiring for me to do the movie. I think when you’re my age, you want to have an aura of being a man.A lot of movies, like Love Story, which is one of my favorite love films of all time, with Ali Mc Graw and Ryan O’Neill, touch on the basis of what they have to do when they fall in love, and then get married and have children. It’s about pure love, and the consequences that come with that, with being a young man and a young woman. To do this film, you had to go back and become a child again, to feel all of those feelings for the first time.

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