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Priyanka's chauffeur and SRK's security personnel, about six people in all, led by a heavy-set man, who has been accompanying him everywhere for the last six months, and not his old faithful, Yasin, went ballistic trying to look for the lens that dared to capture the two together.

Raju Shelar/Firstpost SRK and Priyanka seemed to be engrossed in conversation as they made their way out to their respective cars, blissfully unaware of the goings-on among the staff. ”A considerable amount of effort was made by their staff to avoid the two being photographed together, which was extremely odd, as SRK and Priyanka have posed and preened together a million times over and proclaimed their affection for each other to anyone who’d lend an ear. Except SRK and Priyanka do give the old “3am friend” line a whole new contemporary spin.Priyanka Chopra's love life has forever been a mystery to the whole wide world.The girl has never come out in the open or even spoken about her relationships, though she has hinted at having one a few times, like she did recently in an interview with Filmfare. According to Bollywood’s grapevine the actress, now also an international singing sensation, managed to strum the heart-strings of Bollywood’s King. It Is True” For over a year as rumours of the desi girl’s numerous plastic surgeries gain momentum, so did murmurings of her so called “secret wedding” to a married and older superstar.

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