Single hermaphrodite

Wrasses, gobies, and some groupers are some of the more recognized fishes utilizing this reproductive tactic.

While some of these groups bear no obvious sign of their gender (at least, none recognizable to us) other species undergo a more conspicuous sex change.

Gametogenesis occurs in the proximal part of the gonad arm (Germ FIG 1). Germ cells have incomplete borders and are connected to one another via a central canal called the rachis (Germ FIG 1 and Germ FIG 2) (Hirsh et al., 1976). Soma-germ cell interactions in multiple events of hermaphrodite germline development require the somatic sheath and spermathecal lineages.

Part of the distal gonad is not covered by the somatic tissues (the “bare region”) and is instead ensheathed only by the gonadal basal lamina (GBL) that covers the rest of the gonad (Somatic FIG 2C) (see Reproductive System - Somatic Gonad; Hall et al., 1999).

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In other words, hermaphrodites are effectively male and thus pampas grass is effectively dioecious.

20 edition of the journal Heredity could finally provide evidence of the first stages of the evolution of separate sexes, a theory that holds that males and females developed from hermaphroditic ancestors.

However, Tia-Lynn Ashman, a plant evolutionary ecologist in the Department of Biological Sciences in Pitt's School of Arts and Sciences, documented early separate-sex evolution in a wild strawberry species still transitioning from hermaphroditism.

) the breeding group does not simply usher a new female into their ranks. Hermaphroditism is fairly common in invertebrates (like the sea slug) but fishes are the only vertebrates known to be functional hermaphrodites (as opposed to cases of hermaphroditism which arise due to mutations and individuals are not functionally reproductive).

In the over 33,000 species of fishes, hermaphroditism has independently evolved multiple times in different groups, and it takes on several different forms.

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