Smollett dating

He was an absolute hit when she helped co-host the show as a guest several months ago.If that weren’t enough, Jussie and Kelly also had great chemistry together."Dustin Ross (if that's who you're referring to as Jussie's boyfriend) is not ugly and he's certainly no homothug.He has his own You Tube channel and there's nothing remotely "thug" about him.It's on You Tube and after seeing them together, I believe it. So, I'm assuming he's actually gay It's always amusing to me that Jussie is technically closeted.When you consider everything that his character is going through and the equality tattoo he sports. I thought you was referring to the guy that Jussie's supposedly messing as the homothug, not Jussie. Jussie looks and caries himself like a class act; no thug energy at all.

There’s a new report indicating that she’s announcing her new ‘Live’ co-host in 2017.

Kelly even had one of her highest ratings when Jussie was on the show.

Some insiders think the announcement is not going to happen. She thinks she can carry it all on her own without a co-host.

I also want naked pictures and gay confirmation of Rafael de la Fuente who plays his hot boyfriend.[quote] but then again... Nope, amazingly enough stereotypes are just stereotypes. Maybe an average penis slightly larger than others, but that's about it.

According to the poster in the comments section, he's dating the guy who was his 'boyfriend' in the gay movie they did together called 'SKINNY'. And, he was just on Sway in the Morning talking about Empire and he made some "it's all out there, I'm living my life, but I don't talk about my personal life" line, which made it sound like "yes, I'm gay, but I'm not gonna tell you, outright."He's been in gay films and he has a lot of pics with known gays from the black gay blogosphere.

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