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April 4, 2017Teen dating violence represents a serious public health and criminal justice problem.

As of now, however, he has been expelled from Notre Dame with the stipulation that he be permitted to “reapply for readmission” in Fall 2017.

A significant part of an adolescent’s day includes the use of technology, such as cell phone calls, instant messaging, and posts to social networking sites.

Although studies have documented the benefits of technology use, there are significant downsides as well.

Both studies looked at a single sample that included 185 high-risk adolescents, 95 girls and 90 boys, whose fathers had problems with alcohol.[1] These 11th- and 12th-grade adolescents, slightly younger than 18 years old and white, were part of a longitudinal study on the effects of alcohol problems on parenting and child development.

The first study looked at the emergence of adolescent teen dating violence involvement, examining various family-based risk factors.

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